Real joke


Yesterday I watched a standup comedy show on YouTube, and what I really liked about it that the subject was how the media shows the wrong image about Arabs, and much more…

The standup comedy is a style of comedy where a comedian performs in front of a live audience, usually speaking directly to them. Their performances are sometimes filmed or released on TV. It shows serious thoughts in a comedy style as sarcasm and jokes. In my opinion, it’s a way to show and tell what you can’t seriously say, which makes it more acceptable to many people who usually do not accept criticism or you can not criticize them.

One of my favorite acts among a lot more:

Russell Peters – the comedian – said: “every time we watch the news, we find some country fighting an Arab country, do you know what that means? “Asking the audience, answering himself back: “Arab countries are unbeatable, you can’t irritate them. And who you can’t irritate you cannot beat “

Adding: “Before America attacked Iraq they warned them “acting as an American:”we’re coming to attack you!” acting as an Iraqi: “OK!” acting as an American again talking to himself:” I think they didn’t understand!”  Trying again slowly: “we are coming to attack you!” acting as an Iraqi:” OK. You coming welcome yalaa yalaa “ acting as an American getting mad ,talking to himself : “ seems that we have to break it down this time “, “ we are coming to Kill you !: acting as an Iraqi now : “ Huh . You kill me! F you. I KILL ME AND YOU “

The audience after this part was laughing out loud. The way he presents the whole idea, they way he acts it, and even choosing the right words. All that shows how good he is. He said things you usually don’t hear in other serious shows, and that what makes it more realistic to me and more powerful.

Hearing or watching facts only in a standup comedy show, this is the real joke!