All for one, and one for All


The march began

The news are growing fast , the demonstration started today after many small ones and moves in many different places, started from university and college students , rising the Palestinian flag, calling and demanding for ending the division and for Unity to start , open-ended sit, and declaration about press conference today at twelve noon sharp.

I’ll tell you about when I arrived to Al Jundi Al Majhol “the unknown soldier” square, more than three thousands youth protesters demanding for division to end, rejecting for any party intervention, and the best prove was putting down the leaders from leftist movements or any neutral characters on the ground, and muzzle their mouths, because one way or another they’re part of the depression we’re living.

At  four o’clock the insistence of staying started to root among protesters even before the known day, hunger striking , and holding signs wrote on them people want to stop the division , and another we’re not going away..

Some of the events as it were on twitter:

–          Demonstration of youth holding their luggage and some main tools for camping, shouting: we’re not going away; we’re not sleeping, until we end the division.

–          Another gathering for the mothers of the martyrs holding signs and photos of their suns.

–          Some neutral characters joined the sit-in, declaring their objection of the division situation.

–          Started building first sit-in tent.

–          Medical association donates a tent for first aid and emergency.

–          Some as called neutral characters and other parties trying to use the people’s will and clam the wave.

–          Meeting of the prisoners in the Negev and support the youth in the streets.

–          Cutting the electricity from the street lights in Al Jundi Al Majhol “ the unknown soldier” square.

–          Hamas movement builds a platform in Al Jundi Al Majhol “the unknown soldier” field.

–          The people and youth are insisting on staying in the place


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8th of March ! Women’s Day ! #mar15


On the women’s day , palestinian women were demonstrating . but this time not demanding for usual rights . it was about their main right as palestinians . UNITY

Palestinian woman at a demonstration in gaza

at the beginning of the day, i didn’t want to go . i was afraid that we will get arrested or police men will attack the demonstration with one way or another . then i thought why am i scared . its my right as a women to participate . its my right as a Palestinian to be there . my friends were going , we went together . the number of women and people in general was amazing . more than thousands . being there made me feel stronger . as i can fight for my right and get it . i enjoyed being part of it . and i believe if we got that number in march 15 , we will win the UNITY .

these are some video from the demonstration, i took while marching :


my friend Eba and I . in the demonstration

Pearl –o–


for what you felt I write this, not for tomorrow .

he was from a good family, house, car, he was cute, caring, got charming smile. but he never got your heart, even though he got you. you married him because the one and only thing you thought about is your family, how to make them happy again, together again. no more divorce fights, nor money ones . but you forgot to think about yourself. you forgot about your heart , your future, and your happiness. your own happiness.

you were a little girl didn’t past the teen area yet , got married ! I remember when it was time for the families to talk. you called me crying , you didn’t want it to happen , you were still young in your eyes as in mine . but you took that deep breath that I would never forget, told me this is my destiny . I have to do that for them, I don’t want to be selfish anymore. now I wish you were selfish at least that moment !

you were the most beautiful bride i ever saw, but your marriage didn’t last . because the mask fall. he turned to be a cheap selfish coward bitch ! he hurt you so many times, his family did,too. then ended the story by hitting you and disrespecting your father ! after more than a year , now your finally divorced ! I wish I can apologize for saying this word, because it hurts me that you just turned twenty and you had to feel and go through all that ! but also happy because you got read of him and hopefully one day of his memory,too! how sarcastic life is !

maybe if i tell you that a lot of the Palestinian young girls under twenty are divorced, you would feel better ! but what a shame ! who is responsible of that !? now, you understand more . and you know how it is hard to take such decision, and how its important to think about your own future in more effective ways. now, you also wish if your family were less selfish and thought of you a bit more !

my beautiful best friend , I am sorry I wasn’t there enough to stop it . I’m sorry that I’m telling the world that the happily ever after stories are not true , exactly like santa in christmas ! I’m sorry I told you that all couples fight but you have to be patient with him . I’m sorry for a lot of things . most of all, I’m sorry that you’re not the only one !

all girls, all women should know , you are as beautiful as the pearl . if he doesn’t appreciate you as he should . you deserve a better heart to sleep in every night and live through every day . my beautiful , you are my pearl , and this time I’m taking care of you forever . no one will ever hurt you again. no one will ever treat you wrong . I’m here for you always , I’ll make you stronger because tomorrow is a better day . I know it . and you deserve nothing but the best !


Libya #FEB14 ! UNITY #MAR15 ! and ME !


since i was born in Tunisia , my mother is Libyan , and my father is Palestinian . i thought talking now is basically my time.

from what my mother – the only Libyan here in Palestine – said and how she described Libya, I’m already in love with it. and from what I’m watching right now about the revolution over there and how it turn to a war – so much as our war here in Palestine again the Israelis – i adore it . and my goal for next summer to visit the free Libya

my last visit to Tunisia, which wasn’t that far to be more precise, last summer 2010 , showed me the beauty of that green land and its people, and how liberating they are, and most amazing, they have faith in our cause the Palestinian maybe more than a lot of Palestinians do . Part of my family from Libya came over there , we all met in Sousa – an amazing city on the beach – we enjoyed summer with them . and for me specially, i enjoyed family .

now after all whats happening in Libya, i maybe got closer to Allah because of how much I pray for them! i try to keep in touch with them through internet but it’s not easy as it sounds . being worried is killing . I wish I’m there with them , at least I’m used to the war feeling, for me personally i rather day fighting than peacefully as most people wish . for my mother she would rather be with her family of course, but with all the stress that she’s living, i guess being here is way better for her health . how sarcastic is that !

what I realize now is , I’m basically a revolute, not only by choise but by blood,too. I’m proud of being half Libyan half Palestinian, and also belongs somehow to Tunisia . so now it’s time to do something for you my beautiful Palestine . to show you how much i love you . and how much being yours is my destiny .

on march 15 , we all will demand for your unity , there is no more west bank and Gaza . its Palestine . your my Palestinian . your our Palestine . this is the truth . this is what we all should fight for . no matter what we will sacrifice . my father sacrificed his life for you so as my grandfather . and so i am .

we should all Palestinian for get all colors, we’re all from one color . the Palestinian color, remember it ?! no its time to remind the whole world of it . its time to fight for it . you and i together my brother , my sister , together we will get our freedom . if some people forgot that , we will fix that mistake.

Israel you better keep watching your back . our generation is stronger than ever . we are the brave hearts. we are the fighters .

from the heart <3


first time i worked as a volunteer who’ve been actually  trained for the work was at Tamer institute .. as a book discuss ..

thats my first check , which i didn’t expect at all . i kept it as a memo ..

the funny story < as they call it >  is, the institute called me on the phone after a very long period , before the end of the last year . worried and asking me : why didn’t you get the check paid !!  Nalan : i kept it as a memo !   they spread the story as if  its something to laugh about ! when i came to seal the deal with the bank and the institute , signing papers that i won’t demand anyone for the money . they didn’t believe it . i meant it when i said : it means to me more than just work .

kids are angels , the chance to read books with them and discuss it . getting into their world . is not work. its love through another way. Palestinian kids are different than the kids in movies or basically in any other country, they’ve been through hell.  No one would not get burned from fire ! right ! but the burns in these kids lives is way deeper than it sounds . far reaching impact.

the check wasn’t just a paper with some numbers on . it was a prove to me before anybody else . i can do something for more than just myself . i can act responsible towards my people . i can help .

“i’m not saying i’m gonna change the world, but i guarantee that i will spark the brain that will change the world” 2pac

other times with other kids at the memory of Gaza war that happened two years ago , with NZRA .. hopefully the coming ones even much effective and coming soon ..