Libya #FEB14 ! UNITY #MAR15 ! and ME !


since i was born in Tunisia , my mother is Libyan , and my father is Palestinian . i thought talking now is basically my time.

from what my mother – the only Libyan here in Palestine – said and how she described Libya, I’m already in love with it. and from what I’m watching right now about the revolution over there and how it turn to a war – so much as our war here in Palestine again the Israelis – i adore it . and my goal for next summer to visit the free Libya

my last visit to Tunisia, which wasn’t that far to be more precise, last summer 2010 , showed me the beauty of that green land and its people, and how liberating they are, and most amazing, they have faith in our cause the Palestinian maybe more than a lot of Palestinians do . Part of my family from Libya came over there , we all met in Sousa – an amazing city on the beach – we enjoyed summer with them . and for me specially, i enjoyed family .

now after all whats happening in Libya, i maybe got closer to Allah because of how much I pray for them! i try to keep in touch with them through internet but it’s not easy as it sounds . being worried is killing . I wish I’m there with them , at least I’m used to the war feeling, for me personally i rather day fighting than peacefully as most people wish . for my mother she would rather be with her family of course, but with all the stress that she’s living, i guess being here is way better for her health . how sarcastic is that !

what I realize now is , I’m basically a revolute, not only by choise but by blood,too. I’m proud of being half Libyan half Palestinian, and also belongs somehow to Tunisia . so now it’s time to do something for you my beautiful Palestine . to show you how much i love you . and how much being yours is my destiny .

on march 15 , we all will demand for your unity , there is no more west bank and Gaza . its Palestine . your my Palestinian . your our Palestine . this is the truth . this is what we all should fight for . no matter what we will sacrifice . my father sacrificed his life for you so as my grandfather . and so i am .

we should all Palestinian for get all colors, we’re all from one color . the Palestinian color, remember it ?! no its time to remind the whole world of it . its time to fight for it . you and i together my brother , my sister , together we will get our freedom . if some people forgot that , we will fix that mistake.

Israel you better keep watching your back . our generation is stronger than ever . we are the brave hearts. we are the fighters .


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