Pearl –o–


for what you felt I write this, not for tomorrow .

he was from a good family, house, car, he was cute, caring, got charming smile. but he never got your heart, even though he got you. you married him because the one and only thing you thought about is your family, how to make them happy again, together again. no more divorce fights, nor money ones . but you forgot to think about yourself. you forgot about your heart , your future, and your happiness. your own happiness.

you were a little girl didn’t past the teen area yet , got married ! I remember when it was time for the families to talk. you called me crying , you didn’t want it to happen , you were still young in your eyes as in mine . but you took that deep breath that I would never forget, told me this is my destiny . I have to do that for them, I don’t want to be selfish anymore. now I wish you were selfish at least that moment !

you were the most beautiful bride i ever saw, but your marriage didn’t last . because the mask fall. he turned to be a cheap selfish coward bitch ! he hurt you so many times, his family did,too. then ended the story by hitting you and disrespecting your father ! after more than a year , now your finally divorced ! I wish I can apologize for saying this word, because it hurts me that you just turned twenty and you had to feel and go through all that ! but also happy because you got read of him and hopefully one day of his memory,too! how sarcastic life is !

maybe if i tell you that a lot of the Palestinian young girls under twenty are divorced, you would feel better ! but what a shame ! who is responsible of that !? now, you understand more . and you know how it is hard to take such decision, and how its important to think about your own future in more effective ways. now, you also wish if your family were less selfish and thought of you a bit more !

my beautiful best friend , I am sorry I wasn’t there enough to stop it . I’m sorry that I’m telling the world that the happily ever after stories are not true , exactly like santa in christmas ! I’m sorry I told you that all couples fight but you have to be patient with him . I’m sorry for a lot of things . most of all, I’m sorry that you’re not the only one !

all girls, all women should know , you are as beautiful as the pearl . if he doesn’t appreciate you as he should . you deserve a better heart to sleep in every night and live through every day . my beautiful , you are my pearl , and this time I’m taking care of you forever . no one will ever hurt you again. no one will ever treat you wrong . I’m here for you always , I’ll make you stronger because tomorrow is a better day . I know it . and you deserve nothing but the best !



3 thoughts on “Pearl –o–

  1. That was really touche’ and true.

    It is no good denying the fact that we’re living in a society where women are still under the effect of some social restrictions, and unjust customs. Maybe, we were lucky enough to have been born to families who gave us enough freedom to decide on ourselves, but lots of girls are not

    However, the issue is universal. Women have been unjustly considered inferior in all societies since the beginning of all times. The struggle for women would be eternal, too.

    Your post reminds me of a short story I wrote once:

    She has no one to fight for. Not any longer. Alone. But, she was surrounded by hundreds who have attended today with the intention of watching her, amongst the many other things they would watch, and which would feed their eagerness to talk for the rest of the night. They would talk of everything. Her white dress, her hair, her makeup, her shoes, her bouquet. They would talk of everything except for one thing that people in such happenings never bather to give the slightest attention, “Does she really want to be there? Is she really happy?”
    After all, caring about others does not really feed their habit of criticizing them.
    That part in particular is of no matter to them. They might trace a sad look upon her face, but this they must connect to the angry look upon face of the groom’s mother. Here, their stories might get a bit more interesting, but never will they understand.

    She was living on the hope that she would find it one day. That real love she always heard about. She was not searching for it, but she was sort of certain that she would find him in the messy life she had. By a mere coincidence, reading a newspaper in a café, or watching a dramatic movie in a cinema, a place not available in a City where love is prohibited while war is not. It doesn’t matter where or when as long as she’s going to be meeting him somewhere one day.

    Now, even hope is gone. She is no longer to wait upon that lost love in the middle of her daily boring routine.

    Now, she hates them all. They were giving themselves every right to live on love, to feed upon love, to sleep with dreams of love, and to steal words of passion from their lovers in the darkness of that pure City, but they did not allow her to live on the hope of finding love. Simply, she has no one to fight for.

    Happy that I got to see your blog

  2. Dear Nalan,
    I liked your piece about early marriage and early divorce very much!
    Keep up the good work in all areas!
    Peace and blessings,

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