All for one, and one for All


The march began

The news are growing fast , the demonstration started today after many small ones and moves in many different places, started from university and college students , rising the Palestinian flag, calling and demanding for ending the division and for Unity to start , open-ended sit, and declaration about press conference today at twelve noon sharp.

I’ll tell you about when I arrived to Al Jundi Al Majhol “the unknown soldier” square, more than three thousands youth protesters demanding for division to end, rejecting for any party intervention, and the best prove was putting down the leaders from leftist movements or any neutral characters on the ground, and muzzle their mouths, because one way or another they’re part of the depression we’re living.

At  four o’clock the insistence of staying started to root among protesters even before the known day, hunger striking , and holding signs wrote on them people want to stop the division , and another we’re not going away..

Some of the events as it were on twitter:

–          Demonstration of youth holding their luggage and some main tools for camping, shouting: we’re not going away; we’re not sleeping, until we end the division.

–          Another gathering for the mothers of the martyrs holding signs and photos of their suns.

–          Some neutral characters joined the sit-in, declaring their objection of the division situation.

–          Started building first sit-in tent.

–          Medical association donates a tent for first aid and emergency.

–          Some as called neutral characters and other parties trying to use the people’s will and clam the wave.

–          Meeting of the prisoners in the Negev and support the youth in the streets.

–          Cutting the electricity from the street lights in Al Jundi Al Majhol “ the unknown soldier” square.

–          Hamas movement builds a platform in Al Jundi Al Majhol “the unknown soldier” field.

–          The people and youth are insisting on staying in the place


< via Bashar lubbad >


7 thoughts on “All for one, and one for All

    I Don’t know if you Understand french or not !
    Infact : je t’es vu aujourd’hui à la télé sur l’émission Investigation sur la chaine MED1 TV , j’étais vraiment fasciner , parce que j’ai vu ce qui est vraiment émouvant , vous résistez chaque jour cette merdeuse peine qui vous détruisent à fond , et puis je souhaite de tout mon cœur de rester en contact avec vous et de échanger nos culture et pour ne pas oublier je suis marocain et à fin de compte en reste tous des musulmans cette religion qui nous rend fières .

    God is the Greatest

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