Where to start !! I’m a 20 years old girl who wants to live not only exist.

I see life from different perspectives.


Last year was for me more than just that, I was being patriotic in the land of fighters, but found out that most of those who I fought with and I thought that actually believed in this land and in freedom were looking for their own benefits. Won’t talk about it much because all it did to me was hurt ! and all it did to this land was disappointment and dishonor.


Ghasan kanafani said : “If we are unsuccessful defenders on the case .. Rather it is sufficient for us to change the defenders not to change the case”

It was a great experience that I’m proud of myself going through and I’ll always stand tall for what I fought for but dear friends you must know the truth, that knowledge is missing and faith is gone , Palestinians must rise up again but they need re-build !


I’ve been through knowing many people that most of them I’m not much pleased to know, because all what they did is either stabbing me in my back or took advantage of my good intentions !


I understood that social media is strong and must not underestimate it or misunderstand it, through it I got the chance to go to tunis this summer for a work shop under the name of al-jazeera network, creative commens, and nawaat . I met amazing people more than just intelligent and talented , they were real fighters and believers. They had the heart to say Free Palestine with no under table games. Through them I saw new future for the Arab region, through them I planted this faith inside me that one day Palestine could be free.


I had the chance to be part of Dewan Gazzah, basically maintains the most well educated and cultured people in town. Something I’m proud to be part of. Did much to this country way more than hurling stones or wanting to die for freedom, it’s the group that believes in creating life into this land and its people.


I’m twenty now, been through a lot in those two decades of my life.. I understand now that friendship is never easy to find and love is way harder. Rule number one is Everybody Lies! And if you want to be happy stop worrying much about people or tomorrow because both are not garneted.


I wanted to post something means more to me than it might be to you. Every time that something happens in this place that I love deeply “Gaza” I wanted to write about, but I find myself feeling more than words could explain, and finding more holes by days. Basically this blog is about Nalan. This girl that maybe one day can do something effective, something worth remembering.


I might be different now than before, my perspectives did change. And I believe that’s how experiences work.


I’ll keep believing in myself that’s the least I can do, and you keep updated with me because I’ll use the truth as my method which most people forgot about .


peace out.


9 thoughts on “:)

  1. Hello Nalan, This is Moatassem Bellah, A Palestinian resident in Egypt, and am really impressed, the reason why am impressed is that -honestly speaking- this is the first time to know a gurl from Palestine that really cares about Palestine, and when i say here i know, it’s because i already know u, i heard alot about u from several friends, who kept talking about how u always support the palestinian cause, and how u r a true model of the Palestinian Gurls.

    regarding ur article; u mentioned several true things, but what grabbed my attention was ur sentence: “I’ve been through knowing many people that most of them I’m not much pleased to know, because all what they did is either stabbing me in my back or took advantage of my good intentions !”

    Here u should understand that everywhere there are the good people and the bad ones, but here comes the intelligence of aperson to know exactly how to deal with each type of them, and at the same time how ignore what is said behind back, because as long as u focus on what u do, as long as u’ll feel that whatever is said is nonesense because u want to support Palestine more and more, and that’s the main goal.

    I believe that if u really mean what u have written, so u have always to work on developing ur self, the same as u did by travelling to tunisia, and more and more, keep developing ur self, focus on soft skills, focus on ur target… and one thing else i wanna say to u:

    “A Person Who Wants To Lead An Orchestra.. Must Turn His Back To The Crowd” am sure u know exacly what i mean 😉

    Anyways i know my comment is too long, but i feel like i must comment on ur article as u r a model that really makes me very happy, and raises the optimism that’ already there for a better future.

    Don’t Give Up The Fight 😉

    Moatassem Bellah Shawwa

  2. Daniel Costa

    hello Nalan,
    i’m write from portugal. Now saw in tv portuguese, a report abaut your country and you…god i’m concerned with pelestine. So i wanna help you and help your country, please say me something for danielcosta_sta@hotmail.com … together we make a difference.

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