Childhood. playground. national anthem. Za’atar and olive oil sandwich. UN schools. uniform. Jasmine flowers. Art class. grandfather’s picture. a bracelet. red walls. harling stones. borders. children. wrinkles. Proud. exchanging Honor. History. drams. kan’an. Faith. Smile. Believe. Unity. Pride. Palestine. One. Flag. I.MISS.YOU.


“this issue make me stop and think when is the last time that i saw the Palestinian flag ??” – Ala’ Ibrahim Said ” OMG, since school days” !!! and that is Painfully True !!

This Hole in our Hearts, Made us think .. why not start by this Campaign on internet , Reminding each other, all Palestinians, and the world of Our Beloved Flag .. Remind them why Flags mainly exist .. and How One Flag should be above Us All .. The Palestinian Flag

Plant it in every page. Blog. FaceBook. Twitter. EVERYWHERE.  Support and Love Palestine.



colors, languages, and Palestine !


that moment when you over think many things in your life , and you start wondering about little details you might not even ever notice usually !

so I tweeted this :

and I got this Reply that blew up my mind and even did more , it blew up this incredible #JustSaying idea in it :


Since Colors are basically identified in our lives by our minds by the langauge we use , then principles and Emotions could be as Well .. Love and Hate for example , for some people saying I love you means Happiness, Joy, and Safe , but it also means for Some Pain, broken hearts, and insecurity .. Or Fighters and Terrorists , for some people the word Fighters means Soldiers, Freedom, and Victory , but for Some it means Blood, Wars, and rebellions , as well as terrorists , for some it relates to Islam, Arabs, and September 11 , but For Some others its USA, Israel, and George Bush !

All that and many more started rebelling in my head , but the most word that occupied it was Palestine ,


see each color of its flag has its own name and if you Google it http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Palestinian_flag each one has its own meaning , but to me as we learnt from the video – how language basically relates the color in our brains  it all means these : My Home , My Land , My Country, My Fight , My Faith , My Love, My Inner Peace, and Mostly My Dream ..

but i also want to point out something here , See older generations from political parties in Palestine Used to relate this Flag to these words as well as Freedom, Victory, and Our Rights .. but now All these and All the colors faded away , and all what i see in the streets or in people’s languages is blinding all of it in One color mostly either Green, Yellow, and others .. But we understand now from the Video that the enviroment and the atmosphere effects of how we see colors .. so i still think that we see things as how we want to see them , if we want to love we can , if we want to fight we can, if we want to Unite we can, if we want to Be Free , WE CAN !

Start Seeing , instead of just Looking .. maybe then things would change in our lives .. maybe then we can find Palestine on the Maps .. maybe then we can love each other the way we are ..