Childhood. playground. national anthem. Za’atar and olive oil sandwich. UN schools. uniform. Jasmine flowers. Art class. grandfather’s picture. a bracelet. red walls. harling stones. borders. children. wrinkles. Proud. exchanging Honor. History. drams. kan’an. Faith. Smile. Believe. Unity. Pride. Palestine. One. Flag. I.MISS.YOU.


“this issue make me stop and think when is the last time that i saw the Palestinian flag ??” – Ala’ Ibrahim Said ” OMG, since school days” !!! and that is Painfully True !!

This Hole in our Hearts, Made us think .. why not start by this Campaign on internet , Reminding each other, all Palestinians, and the world of Our Beloved Flag .. Remind them why Flags mainly exist .. and How One Flag should be above Us All .. The Palestinian Flag

Plant it in every page. Blog. FaceBook. Twitter. EVERYWHERE.  Support and Love Palestine.



4 thoughts on “#PalestineFlag

    • Jihane

      Salam nalan,

      I’m from France & I saw this report about you and Palestine. I feel proud of you for doing this blog, for having been a part of the demontration. You definitely have my support 🙂 Keep going the good work !

  1. Mohammed j. Haj Ahmed

    فدائي فدائي
    بلادي يا أرضي يا أرض الجدود
    فدائي فدائي
    فدائي يا شعبي يا شعب الخلود
    بعزمي وناري وبركان ثاري
    وأشواق دمي لأرضي وداري
    صعدت الجبال وخضت النضال
    قهرت المحال حطمت القيود
    بعصف الرياح ونار السلاح
    وإصرار شعبي لخوض الكفاح
    فلسطين داري ودرب انتصاري
    فلسطين ثاري وأرض الصمود
    بحق القسم تحت ظل العلم
    بأرضي وشعبي ونار الألم
    سأحيا فدائي وأمضي فدائي
    وأقضي فدائي إلى أن أعود
    ’Mohammed.J Haj Ahmed

  2. when i reading same articles about this idea makes me so happy, because i saw people like you Interested in our country, which country has every day paining from his people don’t care about him, and organizations flags above my country flag, that is very bad for our county, and for how the world seeing us.

    sorry about my Language cuz i have baaaad english 😦

    best wishes 🙂

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