Palestine and I

Yes, this is Me in the picture. Hello, I’m Nalan Al Sarraj.  Palestinian from a Palestinian Father -R.I.P.- and Libyan mother. Lives in Gaza.

I’m a  journalism Student. a writer. a broadcaster. a Believer. a Fighter. a daughter. a sister. a good friend . and of course Totally Pro-Palestinian.

I’m interested in Photography.Reading. Art. Cultures. Beauty. Nature. Music . and most of all Politics.

stay close . you’ll know me more by time.

Free Palestine . Stay Human.


9 thoughts on “About

    • Tausif


      I just keep on reading more and more about Arab world and specifically Palestine on internet, on many site like Aljazeera, Alarabiya, rebelnews, blogs twiitter or where ever I got something and feel like a trust-able source
      I’m a student of Technology at the prestigious university of India. I want to stand and help the Palestinians. I don’t know the way.. Please tell me if I can do something for you. I’ll be honoured by doing something for my brothers and sisters.

      Senior Postgraduate
      IIT Bombay
      M: +91 922 142 6955
      email : thisistausif@gmail.com

      Please donot publish my contact details on any website..

  1. Daniel Karim Schmid


    Is it possible to add you on Facebook? I follow you via Twitter as @puiter79 and would like to get more connections to people in Palestine!!! I’m interested in Peace & Conflict Resolution & Geopolitics focused on the Middle east, especially Palestine!!! I’ll give you more Informations about me later on via email or facebook

    Facebook: “Daniel Karim”

    God bless you and all people in Palestine!!!

    Bless greetings, Daniel

  2. ilike it your website // intee 7ata shaghlat kteer mle7a ow mofeeda kaman ow entee haek et2akadee enek e3meltee eshee kteer mlee7 llwatan wlqadeeah // shokran kteer eleek

  3. Jehoven

    I saw you on an interview at Aljazeera last night, I become interested about you and your country and the peace and order in there. 🙂

  4. Meagan

    You are utterly inspiring!
    Just watched the documentary all the way from Port Douglas, Queensland, Australia.
    Never give up.
    The rest of the world is here and fighting with you.

    From one youth to another.
    Meagan Kelly.
    (i hope to find you on facebook and plug you in as many ways as i can.

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