“We dream that we are other people or we are other people but we dream that we are us “ –Tareq Hamdan

That was Tareq Hamdan a Palestinian poet from Ramallah who got the chance to come visit the other half of his heart –Gaza

Those words kept ringing in my head all day, for a normal person maybe he would sound lunatic but for me, I felt I am not the only one on earth who wonder sometimes.. And that’s I believe the beauty of Art and literature. it explores the inside out . it opens you up in marvelous ways that one day you might be able to guide an army or more simply a generation to revolute .

Today was the first day of The Palestine Festival of Literature in Gaza -which you can know more info about through twitter #palfestGaza  or through their facebook official page < just type its name and you’ll find it > or by many other websites that follow its news day by day – this festival will be held for almost a week in many places here in Gaza . the blast among this all that an Egyptian crew of poets and writers joined the fest which gave it the best taste ever especially that it doesn’t only show how strong the word of literature could be to break even our siege but how strong the Arabs well became, and I honestly started feeling this since last summer workshop I attended in Tunisia for creative commons.

Today the 6th of may, 2012 there was a workshop at my university – Al Aqsa, it was held by the English and Arabic literature departments, but even though I study broadcasting and Tv it didn’t matter , when it comes to inspiration there are no limits , plus I was waiting for it so bad .

 Mr.Hedar Eid guided and coordinated the workshop which was great job as for usual, and it contained three beautiful and extraordinary poets who broke the siege by putting their feet on Gaza’s land from Egypt , first was Dr.Ahdaf who read some touching lines from her new book “Cairo, my city, our revolution “ as an opening for the workshop then started discussions with us about literature and its strength , the revolution and her experience , which included Mr.Khaled who is also an Egyptian writer – his latest books “ Taxi “ – who also studied political science which lead to many political conversations about the current situation in Egypt , and I’d like to quote him saying an amazing line which personally describes the right principals for any revolution  :

“ the change starts from the bottom to the peak . Not vise versa “

and added a clarification I’d like to share it with you , he said what the current authorities are trying to do, first spreading fear about the future and the results of the revolution , making people feel unsafe in their own land and homes , and most of all occupy the people’s lives by chaos, any kind of it . we also discussed  how is it for beginners to write, is writing a gift or not ? and how to develop it , and as a writer how to turn your pen into your weapon .


And the third poet who took a special place in our hearts Mr.Tareq , who is originally a Palestinian from Ramallah . just to see a brother from the land I can not reach but still mine was an indescribable feeling . he also read for us some of his poetry from his latest book “ when I was a sperm “ which was really powerful, one was presented specially for Gaza when the Israeli terrorist authority attacked us for 23 days in a row in 2008/2009 , that war/holocausts that killed pieces inside of me, it took so much from us that we could ever talk about or write about or even cry about , it’s the bomb who took Maha’s mother – my bestfriend- , its also the bomb who created this little lunatic monster inside of me so that every time we get attacked I laugh instead of crying, I dance instead of dying, I tweet instead of hiding. Having Mr.Tareq was an unbreakable faith in Unity as well, it made me feel that we were never separated, we were always Palestinians, it was never Westbaner or Gazen.

Today was full of inspiration for me, full of joy and hope. it was a day to remember.



The crew are planning to join the solidarity tents for the hunger striking Palestinian in the Israeli political persons at Al Jundi Al Majhol – the unknown soldier square – tomorrow . which was also a subject we mentioned through our discussions today . it will be a great matter for all of us to join as well and continuo even after wards .

“ you are not defeated until you accept defeat “